Antigoon Records

Welcome to Antigoon Records, an immersive musical experience in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium. Our record label draws inspiration from this dynamic city's rich cultural history and vibrant present.

Nestled in the Antigoon building, we are more than a label; it is a haven for artists who challenge conventions and explore the limitless realms of music. The name "Antigoon" is a tribute to the mythical figure “Druon Antigonus” and symbolizes our dedication to breaking barriers in the music industry. We resist conformity and embrace artists who challenge the status quo and push creative boundaries.

As a listener of Antigoon Records, you're invited to explore our curated collection, with an initial focus on progressive electronica releases. While our catalog may be in its early stages, we promise a journey through innovative soundscapes that defy expectations. By subscribing and following us on our musical expedition, you become an integral part of our evolving story. Be among the first to discover emerging talents and witness the birth of a unique sonic identity.

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If you're an artist with a distinctive sound and a passion for authenticity, we invite you to submit your tracks for review and potential release. Antigoon Records is committed to breaking barriers, and we are on the lookout for artists who share our vision. Whether you're a solo act, a band, or an experimental creator, we want to hear your unique voice.

Submit your existing tracks for consideration in our curated Spotify playlists or share your new compositions with us for potential release. Antigoon Records embraces diversity and innovation, and we're excited to explore the vast musical landscape with you.

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